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AGM Weekend 2004 - 25/09/04

Pictures taken by Bill during the AGM Weekend in September.

Saturday 25 September
Chris, Rob, MRFS, Kazza, Leone, Si and Jo during rehersals in the morning Bill at the evening entertainment Bill on stage
... and again ... and again Chris, Rob playing Jo, Si playing Chris and Jeff as himself during the play
Rob, Si, MRFS and Mike Andy (Captain ©) and Lizzi Chris, Rob, Si, 'Chuffy' and Jeff
Rob, Jo 'Chuffy', Si, Jeff and Peter Russ, Graham and Peter Chris, Rob Si, Jeff and Jo
Rob, Si, Jo and Jeff Chris, Si and Jo Chris, Rob, Si, 'Chuffy', Jeff and Jo
Chris, Si and Bill Chris, Bill, Jeff, Rob, Si and Jo Chris, Si and Jo
Chris, Bill, Si and Jo ... and again Si, Andy, Lizzi and MRFS
Rob, Jeff, Si, Andy, Lizzi, Dale, Peter and Jo Chris, Rob, Jeff, Si, Jo, Andy, Lizzi and Dale Chris, Rob, Bill, Jeff, Si, Graham, Jo, Russ, Andy, Lizzi, MRFS, Dale and Peter at the end of the show

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