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AGM Weekend 2005 - 24/09/05

Pictures taken during the AGM Weekend in September.

Saturday 24 September
Chris, Niki, Matt, Jo, Sarah and Lis in Rehearsals for the evening entertainment Lizi and Dale take center stage Chris, Rob and Jeff
Pippa, Sarah, Lis, Niki and Simon sing one of the songs Bill gets ready to go on stage 'One firebar short of a Firebox' - Alex, Bill, Nemo and Mouse start the song
Alex, Bill, Nemo and Mouse again ... and again ... and again
Nemo close up Bill close up Alex and Bill
Alex, Bill, Nemo and Mouse again Phil and Kazza receiving their gifts at the end of the play The entire play cast
... and again Chris gets asked his first question after getting elected on to Council - 'What is your name?' Caroline on the dance floor
Mr and Mrs Llyod-Owen Alex and Cerys Jam, Alex and Cerys

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