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TK's Party 24 & 25 January 2004

Pictures taken by Bill, Alex and Posh in January 2004

Saturday 24 January
Great Picture Alex... shame you got the ballast and not the loco. Oh I get it... double track!! The loco somwhere in the background is 63601 J15 65462 hauling the 1045 Lougborough-Leicester North train ... and again
65462 passes B1 61264 on the double track near Quorn 65462 approaching Rothley Station 65462 running round at Leicester North
... and again ... and again 63601 sat in Rothley sidings after working the goods train
61264 does a mail drop through Quorn. (1150 L’oro-Rothley Brook TPO) 45305 approaching Quorn on the 1220 L’Boro-Leicester North 4141 uncouples after arriving at L’boro with the 12.10 from Leicester North
65462 on the water column at L’boro ... and again Lougborough Box
James, Alex and Posh with the signalman Pictures taken inside Lougborough Box ... and again
Cylinder of N2 0-6-2 69523... notice the holes for the drain cocks 69523 under restoration. 30777 ‘Sir Lamiel’ behind “THE signal” !!! Posh classic comment of the weekend... 'it's mechanical you know'
Mail bags setting up in position Robinson 04 63601 passes with the 2.15pm from Leicester North Mail drop. ‘Peak’ D123 was hauling, 2.37 L’boro-Rothley Brook
J15 on the goods through Quorn. 2.45 from Rothley Brook 4141 runs round at Leicester north. Had just arrived with the 3.00 from L’boro 45305 at Rothley in the siding, after working the goods
TK's mate, Dave, Bill, Jam, Posh and Alex waiting at the Bus Stop on their way into Notts Bill does his first Strawpedo TK and his Mrs
Dave, Posh, Alex, Matt, Jam, Kattie, Marti, Pips, TK's mate and TK Bill does his second Strawpedo Alex and Jam
TK and Mrs again Bill looking a bit worse for wear Posh, Jam, Alex and Marti
Sunday 25 January
Kattie, Pips, Alex, Jam and a random Bill dances with Katie and Pips Marti, Jam, Alex (his firing pose I presume) and Posh
Pips and Kattie dancing with Marti, while Alex tries his Karati moves in the back ground Marti, Matt, Kattie, Jam, Dave, Posh, TK and Alex Katie, Matt, Jam (got a good view there?), Pips, Dave, Posh, ALex and TK attract the local tallent
Jam and Posh... I think they are discussing your taste in shirts Alex Bill looking a bit worse for wear tucking into Bacon Sandwich. Posh in the background Posh at the controls
TK Dad's model Layout ... and again ... and again
More diesel action Back to steam ... and again
... and again ... and again ... and again
... and again DMU action Back to the GCR for lunch. 64264 at Loughborough
... and again Bill on the train Jam on the train
More signals for Posh ... and again ... and again
Signalling equipment ... and again Track Diagram of Leicester North

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