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TK's Party 29 & 30 January 2005

Pictures taken by Bill, Alex and Posh in January 2005

Saturday 29 January
Alex and Mouse ... and again Jam, Posh and Jules
Lyneth's Friend and Lyneth Jules, fat bloke, TK and Jam Posh, Bill and Lyneth's friend drinking Double Vodka Red Bulls
Jules, Alex, TK and Jam Lyneth's friend and Lyneth again Jules, Alex, TK and Jam again
TK, Jam and Posh Bill, Lyneth's friend, Lyneth and Jules Jam and Bill do straw-peedo race
Sunday 30 January
Alex, Lyneth, Jules and TK. If I didn't know better I would say Palmerston was just off shot - Alex firing. Bill, Alex, Jueles and TK Alex, random and Jules
Jam, Alex and Posh Random birds with Jules' hat Randoms with Bill
... and again Alex ignoring the attention on his left Alex with random bird
Posh and Jam ... and again ... and again
Bill and Posh Posh, Alex and Jam Posh, Alex and Bill
Posh, randoms and Alex Posh doing some chores. Not those chores ... and again
Breakfast for those that were awake Ahhh... 'Chores' time Not everyone is awake and eating breakfast
Haven't go a clue what this is Posh at the controls Lineside view
Posh continues shunting View from the station Shunting continues
Station view again Alex, TK, Jam and Posh outside Maccies 

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